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The basics: How, When & Where to purchase a permit

Season permits sales are gradually rolled out throughout the year. We may be accepting renewals at one location and accepting permit reservations to the general public at another location.

The website will reflect any locations that are currently accepting or offering 2019 permits. The website is updated as sales open at each location so continue to check the website.


2018 Permit Renewals:

  • Each year we allow last year’s season permit holders the opportunity to renew prior to offering spaces to new customers.

  • 2018 Permit Holders will receive an email with information and instructions to renew 2018 permit.

  • Renewals begin at different times for each location.

Public Permit Sales:

  • If permits were not offered in 2018 season, 2019 season permits will be offered to the general public as soon as permit inventory is confirmed.

  • After renewal period expires, any remaining permits may be purchased online.

  • The renewal period for each location starts and ends at different times.

Thank you for your interest in parking with us for the football season here in Athens. We offer both season and single game parking to passenger vehicles for all UGA home games. 

In addition to offering advance permits online, we also rent spaces for cash on a first come, first served basis on game day.

We are looking forward to another exciting football season.  If you have questions about our products or services, please check our FAQ section.  If you need additional information, please feel free to email or call us!


Reserve Your Season Permit Now!

Season Permits are offered in multiple locations in and around downtown Athens and Sanford Stadium.   Season permits may be purchased online as they become available. Check the website regularly for updates!



  1. 247 Cloverhurst


  1. Chastain

  2. Oconee

  3. First Presbyterian Church

  4. Bottleworks

  5. First Christian Church

  6. First Baptist Church

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A limited number of single game parking permits will offered online at select locations. Single game permits are available at locations below.

Check the website frequently for details and updates!

First Presbyterian Church: 2019 Football Single Game Parking
from 35.00

Features & Amenities:

  • Great Parking in the heart of downtown Athens

  • Portable toilets provided for permit holders

  • Well maintained, two-level parking facility allows permit holders to choose between covered garage parking (lower level) or the uncovered surface lot located on the top level.

  • Multiple entrances to parking facility. Enter via Dougherty Street or College Avenue

  • Surrounded by downtown restaurants, shopping and bars

  • Easy 10 minute walk through scenic/historic North Campus to the Sanford Stadium

  • Offers shaded and unshaded areas for tailgating.

Purchase Permit

Common football questions are answered below. If you have general questions, take time to read through the FAQ below.

"When I sign up for season football parking, is my parking space guaranteed?"

Your space is guaranteed to be available subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement. Most notably, we agree to hold your parking space for you until either one hour or 45 minutes until kickoff, depending on which lot you are registered for. Be sure to check your agreement to see which time limit applies to your lot. If you arrive after the time limit, you will still be granted access to park, but only as long as space allows. 

This has been our policy in all of our lots for over a decade. Most people arrive before the time limit for the big games to allow for traffic and to tailgate, so the time limit is not a factor. For the games that are not as widely attended, there is significantly less demand for parking, and few of our lots will reach capacity for these games at any time. 

"Is my football parking space assigned?"

Your parking space is not assigned. The spaces are first come, first served for each game. Some spaces may be shady, and others may have room to accommodate a large tailgate. Other spaces may be parallel along curbs with traffic circulating nearby. If you want to have an all day tailgate, please arrive early to secure the space that will best accommodate your needs. 

"What are the rules with regard to tailgating for football games?" 

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun football parking experience for all. We welcome tailgate activities to the extent that we can, without limiting other patrons safety and enjoyment. We must always provide for the flow of traffic as appropriate in the parking lots, and we expect everyone present to be courteous to their neighbors in the lot. We do ask that those who do enjoy the lot for tailgating please bag all garbage and dispose of their garbage in the containers provided. Tents are often problematic, but welcome as long as they do not take up room that would otherwise be used for parking and do not interfere with the flow of traffic. Open fires are not permitted in the facility. 

Infrequently, we are called on to address loud music or unruly behavior. We have, on occasion, revoked parking privileges for such activity that was not satisfactorily addressed. We reserve the right to eject anyone from the property with or without complaints from others for unruly behavior. 

"Is my credit card information kept secure?"

All the personal information that we collect about you is considered confidential. This information is protected by usernames and passwords. You should keep your password and username confidential. We have implemented industry standard security mechanisms to protect this information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Examples include limited access, firewalls and security analyzers using SSL encryption to protect transmission of data. 

“Can I drive a different car to the game than the one registered?”

In theory, the permit would stay on the registered vehicle only and everyone would drive that one permitted vehicle to every game.

In practice, the permit is a hang tag type that attaches to the rearview mirror. In this way, the permit can be moved from one vehicle to another rather easily. At the parking facility, the staff is only looking for a properly displayed permit. The staff is not checking the tag number against the vehicle license plate or anything else. 

The downside to this equation is this: any vehicle, including even the registered vehicle that shows up without a pass will not be admitted. The cost of a new permit if the original one is lost is the same as if you just bought a new permit prorated for the remainder of the season plus a $100 replacement fee. Be careful not to lose the permit while it is being moved from one vehicle to another. 

“After I register for season football parking, how do I obtain the permit itself?

All season permits will be handed out at a check-in table in the parking facility on he first game of the year. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes earlier than you normally would for the first game to show your state issued picture identification and sign for the permit. Then you will hang the permit on your rearview mirror and you are ready to go. 

If you are unable to attend the first game, we will hold your permit until the second game and issue it to you at that event. 

“I want to park for a football game. Why is there not a telephone number listed on your site that I can call to ask questions?”

Prestige Parking, Inc. is a very small local company here in Athens. As the sole proprietor here, there is no office staff or phone staff and no sales staff. In short, there is no one to take your calls that can return them in a timely manner. This is especially true on football weekends or in the days that precede a large SEC football game. I am typically out in the parking lots overseeing the activity there with a staff of part time parking lot attendants. 

In order to serve our customers, the website was designed to instantly provide a large amount of information to a large number of interested people. The website can help you with directions, prices, locations and more. The website can take your reservation and it will automatically email your confirmation to you. The website has proven to be more timely, reliable and convenient than I can ever be on the telephone. It is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Please help yourself. 

If you have looked over the information on the site and you still have specific questions, please email them to me. I will be happy to respond via email. 

“I don't see the answer to my questions here. Help!”

For answers to specific questions about individual lots, please refer to the parking agreement for that facility. You may read over the agreement before commiting to buying a space. To view a lot agreement, just look at the category of parking you are interested in and pick a location. Then click "view agreement.." and you will find most of your specific questions addressed there. If you still need help, please click here to contact us.

“It looks like the closest parking lots are full for the game I would like to attend. Is there any other parking available that you can tell me about?”

There is no other parking operator here in Athens besides the university and the city. Because of this, we cannot recommend any other locations to you. There are much smaller gypsy lots around town that will accept cash only, but be careful when parking in these other locations as the operator there may or may not be legitimate. The churches and other non-profit groups also offer parking on game days.